20 Mac 2012

prelaunch malaysia

About us

We are a very successful technology company based in Florida, USA and have developed one of the most unique Video Email system ever launched. Combining this with one of the most powerful network marketing plans ever to enter into the MLM arena, to create guaranteed success.

The company is well funded and zero debt free, and has some of the strongest leadership in the USA from MLM leaders to internet millionaires. All have come together to launch this amazing internet MLM business.

We can assure you, that you will NEVER have seen anything quite like this before, and this is about to sweep the world... and YOU are in right at the start!

Instant Pay

Once you officially join this amazing opportunity, your commissions due to you will be paid to you Instantly on to your own Global Cash Card.
No waiting days, weeks or months for your commission. You will be paid within 3 minutes. We are the only company worldwide to offer its Associates Instant pay